Is this a joke? Nigerians are Tweeting about a 400-level Bowen University

As funny and unbelievable as it sounds, viral reports from social media users suggest that a 400 level student of Bowen University has just gotten the Vice Chancellors wife pregnant. Bowen is a private Baptist Christian Nigerian University owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention, in Osun state.

Bowen University is a private Baptist Christian Nigerian university owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Bowen University is located at Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, and is housed in the old 1,300-acre (6 km²) campus of the Baptist College, a teacher-training institution on a hill just outside the city. The first Baptist University in Africa.

According to some users who claimed to be students of the school, the school is currently on strike and the said student arrested. We’ll sure keep you updated on the latest that unfolds from this.
Below are some twitter reactions :

I'm hearing that a 400level student in Bowen University impregnated the Vice Chancellor's wife.
If this is true, then it is legendary

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This is just a bad period for Bowen Uni.
I love the new VC and his plans to eradicate Drugs from the school

But the events and rumors of this past week makes it seem like Changing the VC was a Mistake. I just pray things get sorted out as soon as possible because some unserious

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A 400L student of Bowen University impregnates the VC's wife?
That guy is an MVP
Sadly, RIP to his Bowen Certificate.... One minute silence

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Recall that yesterday Some Bowen University students reportedly burnt down their hostel, after the school’s Vice Chancellor suspended 200 students who refused a drug test.The incident is now a trending topic on Twitter, and here are reactions of Nigerians to claims that Bowen University students burnt down a hostel;

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@duchess_sucy wrote;
Lemme make something clear to you guys ehn, stop burning down hostels abeg, burn down the main place and rest the case there. You’ll end up sleeping on the street of Bowen cos these people don’t actually

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