Xenophobia : How did we get here? - Hillary

Gone are the days
we live on past glories
we remember the days of great men
who were warriors ready to defend our people either at night or during the day
Do such people still exist in the country?
We have lost our pride
Our land is desolate and our people are hopeless
we have traded our pride for illicit wealth
The lion has now become a prey in its own forest
Giant of Africa
yet our people now treated like ants even in Africa
The biggest in west Africa
yet our west African brothers don’t want to see us in their homes
what then do we say of the Europeans and Americans
If our own brothers are rejecting us
We don't need revival cause nothing can revive us atleast not in this present generation

From where do we call for hope
Will hope even answer our cries?
Does hope itself trust in our cries or does it think we are faking it?
we are tired of reciting “May God help us” as anthem
Our mouths are muscled just from saying “we will get better”
Our fingers are blistered for we type and write our problems
trying to proffer solutions which our leaders never consider

Our military though are ever ready to embark on the defense journey
just to restore our pride
But will that really solve the problem or create more chaos
How has thy land become a piece of shit to thy servants
And thy people a rag to her own brothers
is this our own doing?
what has lead to this fall in status?

How did we get to this stage?
How did those who cried to us for help
Now our masters?
Is this still the country that helped in setting south Africa free from tragedy?
Do we blame The South Africans?
or is this our reward?
How has the mighty fallen?

is this the result of years of oppression suffered by the south Africans?
that hostility towards their helpers is what they want to give as payback?


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