5 Things That Might Happen Due To Lockdown In Nigeria


This lockdown is supposed to stop the spread of this virus. This would have been the case in a developed country.

Where the entire country could be disinfected during the lockdown, people are provided with food and shelter etc.

But the the reverse will most likely be the case in Nigeria. Here are 5 things Nigeria will most likely achieve with the lockdown.

1) Basic Essentials Will Be On The Rise.

2) More Jobs Will Be Lost

3) Nigerians Will Become Poorer

4) Crime Will Increase

5) More Nigerians Will Die From Other Diseases Like High Blood Pressure, Depression, Malnutrition Etc Due To Lack Of Access Healthcare And Emergency Response.

At some point violence and lawlessness will have a field day and people wont even care anymore if they are infected or not.

This will lead to a wider spread.


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